The Fallen

By Tarn Richardson


Demonic possessions are sweeping across Rome. The Vatican's Eagle Fountain is running red with blood. Something evil is coming ...

Only Poldek Tacit, the Catholic Church's most determined and unhinged Inquisitor, can hope to push back the forces of evil and unite those for good.

But what happens when Tacit finds that the path he walks has already been prophesised and that where it leads threatens the very future of a world already on the edge of the abyss?

The second in the Darkest Hand series, The Fallen will draw you into a dark and captivating world full of demons, werewolves, ritualistic terror and fast-paced action.

Morally complex and fast paced, this is a gripping work of dark fiction set in an alternative twentieth century, where humanity's desire for love, compassion and peace face daunting challenges in a world overwhelmed by total war and mysterious dark forces.