The Risen

By Tarn Richardson


War and revolution are consuming the world, and the apocalypse is imminent. The world is deperate for a hero who can push back the relentless tide of darkness and save humanity from the return of the Antichrist.

But where is Poldek Tacit, the only man capable of defeating these terrifying forces? As old allies unite in a frantic race to unmask the Antichrist and thwart his plan to bring everything into his power, the Darkest Hand continues to terrorise the innocent - while in the Vatican's vaults long-buried secrets are about to be unveiled, and humanity's chance of redemption from the forces of evil hangs by a single thread...

The final, thrilling instalment of Tarn Richardson's Darkest Hand trilogy ('a remarkebly original premise [with] damn fine characters' David Moody), The Risen serves up a fittingly visceral, relentlessly gripping and action-packed climax to this epic series of dark fantasy.